Spray Tech Coatings

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                          Perfect for new or used vehicles

                                     Add resale value

                                     Impact Resistant

Regardless of the age of your vehicle, if you want the latest in bedliner technology, then you want a spray-on bedliner!

Resists scratches and abrasions

Will not crack, warp, or split

Permanently bonds to your truck


Contoured fit eliminates loss of bed space

Maintenance free - no repainting or screws to tighten

Water tight

Prevents rust and corrosion

Noise and vibration damping

Textured, flexible surface reduces load slippage


The application process takes 2-3 hours from start to finish, and the spray material is dry to the touch within 6-10 seconds. We can spray on both new and used vehicles, and is a great way to add resale value to your vehicle.


Our spray material exhibits high tensile strength, high tear strength, and offers you the highest abrasion resistance of any other spray-on bedliner in the industry.


Our textured effect makes for a complete uniform coating over the entire surface of the truck bed. Factory-look fit and finish!

Other Uses

Our spray materials will bond to virtually any surface, including but not limited to: metal, wood, cement, geo-textile cloth, and fiberglass. Our coatings can increase resale values, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce insurance costs and utility bills!

Decks, foundations, walls, warehouse floors, construction equipment

Silos, storage tanks, farm equipment, horse stables

Playground equipment, kennels, non-slip flooring

Docks, cargo holds, engine compartments

Any place your imagination can think of! 

Spray-on Coatings...
               for bedliners...and more! 


 Service Body Truck

 4x4 package 



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